At Endocrinology reception room of “Avis Medica” DCC, primary and follow-up examinations are performed for monitoring of patients suffering from all types of endocrine disorders – obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2, diabetes mellitus complications, thyroid gland disorders – cases of thyroiditis (including Thyroiditis of Hashimoto), reduced and increased function of the gland, nodes of the thyroid gland, disturbances of the calcium-phosphorus metabolism and disorders of the parathyroid glands, osteoporosis, disorders of the hypophysis and suprarenal glands – dysfunction, tumors; disorders of the testicles and ovaries (including women and men having reproductive problems).

Clinical monitoring of patients, suffering from all illnesses, which are subject to hospitalization, in accordance with the requirements of the Health Fund, is carried out.

For the needs of diagnosing, modern apparatus is used – Echograph (with capability for Doppler testing), MRI, Multi-detecting CT, Clinical Laboratory providing the opportunity fo all hormonal tests.