At the OG reception rooms of “Avis Medica” DCC, primary and secondary gynecological and obstetric examinations, transvaginal and abdominal Echography, prophylactic cytosmears of the uterine cervix, microbiological examination of vaginal content. The reception rooms are equipped with facilities for diathermocoagulation of cervix uteri under ambulatory conditions. All Obstetricians-gynecologists provide consultation of pregnant women, whereat, all requirements for the number and type of tests are complied with. At reception room № 209 fetal morphology of the fetus is carried out within 22-26 gestation weeks. Dr. Slavov works with innovative laser equipment, implementing its ability for treatment of genitourinary syndrome with patients in menopause, as an alternative for surgical interventions in the classical gynecology. Reception room № 209 is equipped with a cardiotocograph for carrying out of monitoring control of the fetus status with pregnant women after 28th gestation week.