"AVIS - MEDICA" is the first private healthcare institution for outpatient and inpatient medical care in northern  Bulgaria. DCC AVIS MEDICA is located in  central Pleven in close proximity to the pedestrian zone and the museum house  Tsar Osvoboditel. Its total floor area is  2500 sq. кm. and  it consists of an old section ( a cultural monument built in 1923 with a total floor area of and a new section with a total floor area  of The old building was renovated and functionally reconstructed and converted into DCC in 2000, while the new building uses the existing party wall of the old building. Both sections are functionally connected with passages on each floor. This is where a panoramic elevator is installed. The concept behind it is the creation of an interior that does not  resemble the inside of a hospital at first glance. This way the atmosphere of the old architecture is recreated in the interior. A big physiotherapy unit and a clinical laboratory with a cosy waiting room and accessible washrooms are located on the basement floor.  The reception desk and a spacious foyer, as well as a nuclear magnetic resonance facility and doctors' offices are on the ground floor. On the other floors there are doctors' consulting rooms of varous sizes depending on the medical specialty.